Terms and Conditions

The operator of the online store located under domains: is:

Trade name: KONZERV s.r.o.
Address: Ul. pohraničná 892/7, 94501 Komárno
Registration number: 52339483
TIN: 2121013554
VAT number: SK2121013554
Bank account: TATRA banka: 2941070384/1100, IBAN: SK86 1100 0000 0029 4107 0384
Registered under the reference 48073/N, with limited liability company registration number for district court in Nitra.
Phone number: +421948044022

Article I – Concepts

The seller: A company KONZERV s.r.o., which in concluding and implementing sales contract acts in the exercise of their business activity in its name and on its own behalf, selling the Goods through Online store;

Customer: Consumer, or natural or legal person, which is not Consumer that is interested in the Goods offered on the online store through Order;

Portal: Public internet portal of the Operator located on the following domains specialized in selling chocolate products;

Goods: Chocolate products, which contain cacao, cacao mass or cacao derivatives, portfolio of the Seller, whose offer is placed on Portal;

Order: An action of a Customer who shows their interest in buying the Goods on the Portal;

Price: Total price stated in the Offer, principally the price for the Goods, which were ordered by the Customer, including VAT and other taxes or costs;

General commercial terms.

Article II – General provisions

  1. These general commercial terms cover:
    – purchasing process of the Goods by the Customer through Portal,
    – terms of sales and purchase through Portal of the Seller,
    – the rights and obligations of contracting parties – the Seller and the Customer – resulting from the sales contract made between these parties for purchase and sale of the Goods through the Portal of Operator.

Article III – Order and a conclusion of a contract

  1. A customer orders the Goods from the Seller on their Portal or via email communication with the Seller.
  2. Description of particular Goods, their features, availability, and price are stated on the Portal or will be provided to the Customer via email.
  3. The customer Orders the Goods from the Seller through the Portal, following the instructions stated on the Portal or according to the instructions stated in email from the Seller.
  4. After making the Order, the system of the Portal will automatically register the Order. The Operator will send email to the Customer, following the email address from the registration, or the email which was provided to the Seller in another way, following:
    – order confirmation with information about order and payment for order,
    – the version of General commercial terms is in full force and effect at the time of ordering by a Customer, or link on General commercial terms through Portal,
    – Formal complaint order of the Seller, if it isn’t a part of General commercial terms.
  5. The sales contract of the Goods is regarded as concluded, after receiving an Order confirmation, where the purpose of the contract is the delivery of the Goods specified in the Order for adduced price, under the conditions stated in the Order.
  6. The customer is obliged to ensure adequate synergy leading to proper and timely Goods delivery (mainly receiving of ordered Goods).
  7. Minimum Order amount is one pre-package offered on the online store.
  8. The place of delivery must be within EU countries.
  9. The goods can be purchased only as the whole packaging, it is not allowed to divide or split packaging into individual pieces, transport them, or repack them.
  10. We guarantee a free delivery for orders above 30 EUR including VAT, which have a place of delivery inside Slovakia.

Article IV – Payment and delivery terms

  1. Price of the Goods is stated in the Order or on the Portal, and can be paid by following ways:
    a) bank transfer, or
    b) cash on delivery,
    c) card payment.
  2. Price includes VAT. Price can be also shown without VAT.
  3. The Seller doesn’t charge any fees for the Payment of the price. The order price doesn’t include packaging and transport costs to deliver the goods to the agreed place of delivery.
  4. The customer is obliged to pay the Price within the period time stated in the Order.
  5. The payment of the Price means receiving of the Price on the account of the Seller or delivering cash to the Seller, who shall give a tax document to the Customer.
  6. In a case the Customer delays in the paying the Price, the customer shall pay the interest 0,05 % for each delayed day till the Price will be fully paid.
  7. Price discounts of the Goods are provided by the Seller upon individual agreements with the Customer. The customer cannot claim entitlement to receiving a discount. The prices of the Goods are regularly updated, so the Seller reserves the right to change actual prices due to following reasons: beginning or end of sale, clearance sale, high discounts, change of buying price, etc.
  8. The seller is obliged to deliver ordered Goods to the Customers within the time period of 5 days after paying the Price of the Order or before 14 days since concluding the contract.

Article V – Complaints and refunds

  1. The seller is responsible for the proven defects and faults of the Goods delivered to the customer. Delivered goods are considered to be without any defects as long as their features, content, and appearence correspond to the Order.
  2. If the Goods are delivered with defects, which can be considered as infringement of the contract, the Customer has a right to receive adequate discount out of the Price or a new delivery of the Goods without any faults and for free, unless the parties agree otherwise.
  3. The customer is obliged to check the Goods when he or she is receiving them and make sure whether they are without any faults. In a case of finding some faults, the buyer must notify to the Seller all faults, underline them and mark them in delivery note or invoice, and return the Goods back to the driver of delivery company arranged by the Seller, who will confirm complaint of the goods and faults by his signature. Apparent faults or defects are as follows:
    1. Apparent deviations from general characteristic features of fresh and high-quality goods.
    2. Missing amount of the goods based upon different amount of the goods declared on the relevant document
    3. Delivery of the Goods, which were not purchased
    4. The damage of the goods caused by transportation.
  4. Other faults shall be complained straight after finding them out during warranty period. The customer should inform the Seller about the faults or defects by letter, phone call, or email, up to 7 days since delivery of the Goods, whilst the customer must mention the following:
    1. Definite Customer identification (name, address, or business name and address of legal person)
    2. Type of complained Goods
    3. Amount of complained Goods
    4. A reason of complaint, delivery date of complained Goods and delivery note number (or invoice).
  5. Complain handling policy:
    1. Complained Goods must be stored promptly by the Customer, according to the valid rules, or conditions of storage mentioned on the label of the Goods.
    2. The business representative of the Seller will assist the Customer to help deal with the complaint within 7 days. In a case, the business representative will not meet the Customer within 7 days since reporting of the complaint, the Customer will inform the Seller by writing within 3 days after this period.
    3. There will be a written statement about process of complaint.
    4. In a case of rightful complaints, the buyer has a right to:
      1. terminate the contract if the Buyer doesn’t wish to get a delivery of substitute Goods
      2. The customer and the business representative of the Seller can decide on a different way of complaints process, for example: a discount, etc.
  6. When dealing with complaints the business representative shall prepare 2 copies of complaints letter. The customer keeps 1 copy, and other copy shall be given to the Seller.

Article IX – Final provisions

  1. The relationships, which are not adapted by the order or General commercial terms, are related to the provision of Law of NO. 102 /2014 Journal of Laws on consumer protection when selling the goods or providing services based upon the contract for remote execution or outside of the seller’s company on amendments to certain laws, as last amended, Law NO. 250/2007 Journal of Laws on consumer protection and amending Constitutional Act of Slovak National Council Act NO 1/1993 on offences as amended by Act NO. 22/2004 Journal of Law on E-commerce Directive, and amending and supplementing of Act NO. 128/2002 Journal of Laws on State Control of internal market in consumer cases, and amendments and supplements to certain Acts NO. 284/2002 Journal of Laws, Act NO 40/1964 of Civil code, as amended.
  2. The customer notes that sending of any data on the portal is voluntary act. The customer notes that there are no other personal data collected on the portal than the ones stated in the Act NO. 122/2013 Journal of Laws on personal data protection, as amended, and thereafter the seller doesn’t take any responsibility for possible release of such personal data in the section of the portal available to the public.
  3. Other agreements of the contracting parties stated in a particular contract or the Order, should always have priority before General commercial terms.
  4. The customer declares that he or she has learned the General commercial terms in an adequate manner, and is aware of them, and shall respect and comply with them in full.
  5. These General commercial terms shall enter into force on 1 january 2022.