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A sweet story with lots of chocolate

I founded CHOCOMAZE in 2012 with the aim of bringing some creativity into the grey everyday life of people and myself. I wanted to create a business that would show that it is possible to produce high quality food in Slovakia.

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Paph Vargha Katalin

I wanted to create a product that could be an alternative to the evening salty snack.

Papp Vargha Katalin
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Unmissable CHOCLE chocolate

Everyone likes a different chocolate, but we're always happy to share. Everyone will find their favourite in the CHOCLE box. 4 different types of chocolate, 8 different flavours in a tallet shape. Gluten-free, E-free.

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Give pleasure with our special chocolates

If you are looking for a special sweet gift for valentine's day, birthday or name day click on the image and explore our range or make a completely unique photo chocolate.