About us

chocomaze katka

The idea of opening a chocolate manufactory came in 2011, while I was studying and working in Budapest. I studied international relations, and worked as a project assistant for EU projects. Unfortunately I very much missed the creativity from my work, therefore I started to search for business ideas. While I was an Erasmus student in Brussels , we got the opportunity to make a marketing project for a local chocolate manufactory. That’s where the idea came from. I wanted to show to my community, that there is a possibility to make high quality products with modern design also in Slovakia.

I started on my own on 50m2, now we are a family business, since my father joined the team in 2016, working on 200 m2 with the most amazing colleagues in the team, making handmade chocolate products with the same enthusiasm 10 years later as well.

Our manufactory has been awarded with local and international awards as well. We became the most inspiring business in Slovakia awarded by Junior Chamber International in 2013, got our first Great Taste awards in 2015, followed by in 2017, 2019, 2021 and won medals on the International Chocolate Awards competitions.

Thank you for your continuous support.